Faith, Inequality, and the Pursuit of Common Good

I’m looking forward to the fall season of presentations on “Faith, Inequality, and the Pursuit of Common Good.” I’ll be presenting in Austin and Beeville, Texas. One of the presentations in Austin will be in Spanish (on Thursday, November 17) coinciding with the release of the summary version of Just a Little Bit More in Spanish. Solo un Poco Más, expertly translated by Lilia Martínez, reaches out to Spanish speakers with the goal of explaining the American cultural history of wanting and needing “just a little bit more” – both its positive and negative aspects.


Legend says that John Rockefeller Sr., history’s first billionaire, was asked the question “How much is enough?” His purported answer aptly describes a widely accepted and practiced American way of life: “Just a little bit more.” American ingenuity, drive, and accomplishment – flowing from the spirit of “just a little bit more” – has made the world a better place many times over. When this spirit of attainment goes too far, however, social and economic inequalities exacerbate and common good suffers. The spirit of “just a little bit more” has its rightful place in American and other societies, but it must be harnessed. How can it best serve the common good?

The presentation of “Faith, Inequality, and the Pursuit of Common Good” furthers my work that started with the publication of Just a Little Bit More: The Culture of Excess and the Fate of the Common Good in 2014. The fast-paced interactive presentation spiced with history, sociology, religious wisdom, and modern cultural understandings will introduce you to the Caddy Man and the Hungry Ghost – among others. You’ll be glad you came and I trust you’ll be inspired and encouraged to consider what you might do alongside your neighbor to uplift common good for community, society, and world.

“T. Carlos Anderson is an American treasure. He knows this country’s history well and uses it to promote common good. Time flew by during his presentation as he wove his book’s message with humor and kindness.”

Lanny Wilson, MD, Hindsdale, Illinois

“Anderson’s presentation is lively, open, and engaging. Hopeful and personal, this conversation nudges us away from our habitual competition in the culture of excess and into thoughtful commitment to the common good—into being neighbors.”

Dawn Silvius, pastor, San Antonio, Texas

This blog and website are representative of the views expressed in my book Just a Little Bit More: The Culture of Excess and the Fate of the Common Good. Distributed by ACTA Publications (Chicago), JaLBM is available on Amazon as a paperback and an e-book. It’s also available on Nook and iBook/iTunes, and at the website of Blue Ocotillo Publishing.

isbn 9780991532827

If you’re a member of a faith community – Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or other – consider a book study series of Just a Little Bit More. The full-length book (257 pgs.) is intended for engaged readers, whereas the Summary Version and Study Guide (52 pgs.) is intended for readers desiring a quick overview of the work. It also contains discussion questions at the end of all eight chapter summaries.

Readers of both books can join together for study, conversation, and subsequent action in support of the common good.

The Spanish version of the Summary Version and Study Guide will be available in September 2016. ¡Que bueno!

¡El librito de JaLBM – llamado Solo un Poco Más saldrá este Octubre de 2016!


3 thoughts on “Faith, Inequality, and the Pursuit of Common Good

  1. Very nicely said. I am sorry I will not be able to attend your presentation but I know it will be a stimulating look at our society and the inequality which you have worked so hard to help us understand. To the comments from the reviewers you quote in this post, I say, “Right On, Brother”.

    I am hoping at some point I can join the conversation about how we address these inequalities. I think that are some viable solutions that are not patently punitive or as simple as legislating a redistribution of wealth.

    Wishing you the best as you spread the good word,

    Jud Smith

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