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T. Carlos “Tim” Anderson – ELCA pastor in Austin, TX – author of Just a Little Bit More

I’m available for presentations, talks, and discussions on the topics of faith and inequality, socioeconomic trends, egalitarianism and the pursuit of common good, and restorative justice. Presentations in English or Spanish.

Past presentations include:

*St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, Austin, TX – November & December 2017

*Chapelwood United Methodist, Houston, TX – June 2017

*Palm Valley Lutheran Hispanic Ministry, Round Rock, TX – febrero de 2017. Presentación en español.

*St. John’s/San Juan Lutheran Church, Austin, TX – noviembre de 2016 – con Lilia Martínez. Presentación en español.

*Faith Lutheran Church, Beeville, TX – November 2016.

*St. John’s/San Juan Lutheran Church, Austin, TX – October 2016.

*Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Austin, TX – September 2016.

*Sun City Senior University, Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX – June 2016.

*Gettysburg Seminary, Gettysburg, PA – April 2016.

*Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fairfax, VI – April 2016.

*Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX –  March 2016.

*ALOA Senior Fest, St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, Austin, TX – February 2016.

*Messiah Lutheran Church, Wauconda, IL – September 2015.

*St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Mt. Prospect, IL – September 2015.

*The “Monday Matters” theology book club at Triumphant Love Lutheran Church, Austin, TX – February and March 2015.

*ELCA Region IV Campus Pastors retreat in Harper, TX – January 2015.

Presentation topics: “Rockefeller’s Permission and Eras of Excess,” “The Dominant Religion in the U.S.,” “Prepping for Historic Inequality by 2030,” and “Less as More in the Culture of Just a Little Bit More.”

I would love to come and make a presentation on Just a Little Bit More themes to your community of faith, book club, or discussion group.

Twitter: @blue_ocotillo

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3 responses to “Contact/Inquiries/Presentations

  1. Bill Shaw

    Nice meeting you at the Y today Tim. I’ll order Just A Little Bit More.

    A have a friend, Vern, [] with a social conscience like yours. You might want to communicate with. He’s a retired historian living in Marble Falls with several books to his credit.

    Michael Lewis and my nephew, Chad Johnson, just by chance, met each other on an air flight. Chad is an assistant attorney general in NY state. He prosecutes securities fraud.

    Let me have your email address please.

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