There is a Balm in Huntsville: A True Story of Tragedy and Restoration from the Heart of the Texas Prison System

Walnut Street Books, 2019 – Paperback, 320 pages.

Available wherever books and eBooks are sold, including Amazon.


Balm tells the story of tells the true story of a teenage alcoholic’s journey from death to life, while showcasing the development of the Texas prison system’s Victim-Offender Dialogue program, the first of its kind in the nation.

Balm reads like a novel, introducing readers to the concept of Restorative Justice in page-turning narrative style.

Check out the T. Carlos Anderson author website, linked here.



Just a Little Bit More: The Culture of Excess and the Fate of the Common Good

Blue Ocotillo Publishing/ACTA-Chicago, 2014 – Paperback, 277 pages.

Distributed by ACTA Publications (Chicago) and available through Amazon, and wherever books are sold.

Ebook format available on Amazon, iBook, and Nook.

Click on link to read from the back cover.

Just a Little Bit More is intended for people . . .

. . concerned that wealth wields too much influence in American society.

. . wanting to see a renewal of interest in the common good.

. . looking for better solutions than those proposed by hyperpartisan politicians.

. . desiring to leave a better world for subsequent generations.

Anderson-Front Cover

 Pastor Brad Highum, Abiding Love Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas writes:

Drawing his title from the infamous quote of billionaire John D. Rockefeller, T. Carlos Anderson has delivered a thorough-going essay and critique of the slow demise of egalitarianism and altruism amidst the modern clamor for gain at any cost.

Just A Little Bit More charts the dislocation of the “common good” from the center of American political aspirations and economic enterprise, and its replacement by cultic individualism and a more-is-better mindset in what is widely viewed as a zero-sum game.

This is not a light read, nor should it be; Anderson’s research captures depth and breadth.  He tracks the emerging culture of excess from its roots in expansionism, industrial revolution, and the rise of the robber barons, to its contemporary expressions and toxic effect.  From Mark Twain’s scathing commentary on the notorious Boss Tweed – “Who is God?  Money is God.  Gold greenbacks and stock … father, son and holy ghost” – to the modern Geckoism: “Greed is good.”

Though an ordained Protestant minister, Anderson wisely has navigated along a secular/pragmatic line, largely resisting the obvious temptations to inveigh from Biblical principle.  Instead, he has starkly exposed the “true religion” of the modern age:  “commerce, materialism and consumerism.”

Anderson is neither zealot nor ideologue.  He recognizes the vital nature of market economics to create livelihood and to foster opportunity, even well-being.  But he convincingly defends the essential countervailing priority of communal good to balance self-interest when taken to the extreme of unbridled greed at the expense of others and the natural world.

Just A Little Bit More answers the radical polarization of wealth and want – in America and around the world – with a prescription for true economic democracy:  open markets tempered by judicious regulation; genuine equality of opportunity coupled with a personal ethic of enough-ness and a commitment to well-being for all.


4 thoughts on “Books

  1. Me parece muy interesante como el author utiliza la figura del pendulo en la introducion para explicar los efectos de esta desbocada busqueda de las cosas materiales, que solo ha beneficiado a ese uno porciento de la clase priviligiada. Es de una manera muy amena y facil de leer, como el va desarrollando cada uno de los temas propuestos. Creo que vale la pena tomarse el tiempo para ir mas alla de las palabras y entender todo en nuestro contecto actual.
    Coincido plenamente con la tesis de que es tiempo de cambiar la direcion de los efectos del pendulo para que puedan ser mas las personas que se facorezcan con este sistema economico, que por algun momento fue satanizado y definido como ” el imperio del mal” como lo expresara en alguna epoca el ahora fallecido ex-presidente Chavez en Venezuela. La expresion todo en la justa medida tiene plena validez para reclamar los excesos del poder y del gasto desmedido. En un extremo un capitalismo descarnado donde se privilegia el individualismo y la riqueza, y en el otro extremo el caso de Cuba, Venezuela entre otros, que van por un comunismo ortodoxo mas pragmatico que el mismo Marx, destruyendo la familia y la sociedad en su conjunto para dar lugar a una tirania del estado, que tambien representa esa pequena minoria que goza de todos los privilegios.

    Esta muy buena la converzacion, que ha originado ‘Solo un poquito mas”. espero seguir disfrutando el capitulo uno.

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