2 thoughts on “Equal Pay for Women and Good Ol’ Cheap Labor

  1. Pastor Tim/T.Carlos,
    Another excellent post on an issue that needs to be continually discussed and evaluated. As a man who helped rear two wonderful daughters along with my wife, I have always been somewhat keenly sensitive to discrimination and the inequalities faced by women in our society. I agree that our culture continues to need “prodding” and “correction” so that equal opportunity prevails for both genders. What it does not need, however, is more “regulation”. Regardless of what some politicians who are pandering for the female vote would have you believe, we don’t need more laws protecting women or minorities from these inequalities. Those laws already exist AND they have teeth. Things started changing with the Equal Pay Act of 1963. We then had the Civil Rights Act of 1964 followed by numerous other pieces of equality protection legislation; the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Fair Housing Act, Title IX of the Education Amendment, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Family And Medical Leave Act, the U.S. Code Title 42 (Chapter 21)….and the list goes on. The rights that these laws convey have been successfully defended in courts throughout this land over the past fifty plus years. The United States Supreme Court itself has handed down no less than seven landmark decisions, from 1974 until 1999, defending plaintiff’s arguments in gender discrimination and women’s rights cases. And yet the record shows that there is still pay inequality between men and women in the workplace and hidden discrimination. There are dozens of agencies and procedures whereby women can file complaints and get satisfaction, monetary and otherwise. But women have to step forward and let the world know of their plight. Women have to use the laws currently on the books to expose these inequalities. In addition to government organizations like the EEOC, there are many private help organizations ready and willing to assist women in this effort and even pay the cost of fighting these inequalities in court. The AAUW, the IO, NOW, IWPR, NCPE, WGEA and NWLC, just to name a few. Does gender discrimination need to be fixed? Yes, of course it does. Do we need more laws or frivolous and costly regulation. I respectfully submit…NO!

  2. Norb and Geanie Firnhaber

    Thanks, Tim, – again vital substance. Trust you had sacred family time a few days ago.



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